Pleasure is Life.

Trust us, we've been there. Years of gazing into a screen, watching the world burn, while unexpressed desires file deep into the subconscious. Attempting to love your body in public while deflecting microaggressions. Tackling one addiction while another surfaces. Barely managing physical and emotional symptoms. Attempting to communicate across class, racial, social, sexual, neural, and ability boundaries in any direction and feeling hopelessly...isolated. Numb. Feeling like there is either not enough of life or too much of you.

12,000 years of colonialism will do that to you. To us.

Enter Radical Nourishment. Our culturally competent practitioners focus on helping you to resensitize, deepen your self-connection, reconnect with your deepest desires, and embed into a regenerative culture that meets our needs and the needs of our communities, environments, and nonhuman allies.

In other words, we remind you of the life that nature designed you to live. You'll take it from there.

This is what we can offer you on your journey:

  • Sensual Coaching & Sensual Integration Workshops: Individual or group scenarios focused on sensuality and sensual integration. Ideal for anyone who struggles to be in their body in any way, either alone or with others.

  • Performance Coaching & Healing Performance Workshops: Individual and group scenarios using performance for healing and integration. Ideal for people who value performance as a source of personal power and embodiment, and want to take that relationship to the next level.

If your desire is telling you "Yes!" as you read any of this, please check out our services and contact us right away.

No time like the ever-evolving present; it's all we have.

Meet Chloé

Chloé Rossetti is a performer, writer, director, and sensual educator based in Brooklyn, NY. Founder of Radical Nourishment, their work focuses on the intersection of ecology, queerness, pleasure, sensuality, agency, decolonization, and love.

Chloé has studied:

They are also a staff writer at Luna Luna magazine, and a contributor at HuffPost Queer Voices and The Establishment.

Chloé implores anyone looking for support as they get back in their bodies and reintegrate with their surrounding ecosystem, especially in the urban environment, to get in touch with them.