How to Live Nonviolently: Gandhi’s Salt March Misinterpreted as a Handbook

  1. Live in community for 10+ years while purifying the self.
  2. Build and enrich community and social services while living in community.
  3. Reclaim bread labor.
  4. Develop an indigenous relationship to the land.
  5. Remove the machine from daily life.
  6. Create salt from seawater.
  7. Resist tax; resist war tax; resist empire tax.
  8. Resist empire.
  9. Reclaim your roots.
  10. Reclaim your power.
  11. Reclaim the commons.
  12. Reclaim collectivity.
  13. Reclaim everything that is your birth rite.
  14. Divest in any system that believes in mutable value.
  15. Any system that maintains control through force becomes weak when challenged by another system.
  16. Reclaim salt.
  17. Reclaim the sea.
  18. All acts of civil disobedience are devotional.
  19. All acts of civil disobedience can be a sacrament.
  20. Start organizing with a core group.
  21. Allow others to join you.
  22. Gain momentum through inclusive process.
  23. Dismantle systems, not people.
  24. Insist on the truth.
  25. Any system that does not respect life immediately forfeits its legitimacy.
Chloé Rossetti