The Universe is a Love Song

There are times when the world feels insurmountable, because we are taught, from a very young age, a form of expression of love that is ultimately disconnective, and based on scarcity and despair. It can make the act of truly loving people extremely difficult. Sometimes, or often, we end up pushing away the very people we love and need the most. In times like these, do not despair. Just remember that you are learning, and that there is a wealth of unconditional love and support that lives inside and outside of you, that wants you to succeed and connect your love with the love of others around you. You are meant to be the unconditional being of love and life that you were when you came into this world. Nobody else will be able to be that unconditional love being from your own coordinates except you. Imagine yourself as one point on a much larger landscape. The more points of light that fill our landscape, the more that we will be able to find our way through the darkness. Allow yourself to be a beacon for others by loving yourself and those around you. Find compassion and self-compassion when it all feels too much. Find a way to universalize your love experience when you are too fixated on one person. The world is brilliant and full of gratitude. If you join your love and light to the larger ecosystem, it will fill up your voids and feed you with everything you need. And that option is always available to you, on some deep level, no matter how desolate or far away it seems. The entire universe is a love song, I promise you.

Chloé Rossetti