A Radical Nourishment Manifesto

Written in 2016 as part of an article Chloé Rossetti wrote for RENDER, the Radical Nourishment Manifesto is one of many possible blueprints for regenerative culture and lifeways in the 21st century.

• We are a collective of symbiotic, ecosomatic organisms, 10% human, 70% water, mostly host to a slew of onboard microbes, coexisting in an interconnected biosphere that gives us life.

• We are also a collective of human beings, partnered with nonhuman allies, who seek to integrate our increasing respect for life with our every thought, word, and deed.

• We embody respect for life through radical care and maintenance of all animate and inanimate beings residing in this biosphere through healthcare, childcare, bodywork, sex work, art, writing, performance, ecological restoration, food justice, ecological justice, social justice, music-making, moving meditation and other means.

• While embodying and enacting our increasing respect for life, we make room for that respect by dismantling old structures that disrespect for life through domination and control. We redistribute resources to the needful in its wake.

• We seek to locate increasing respect for life in our own bodies, where we enact radical self-love and self-care. We do this by gradually shedding the consumption of industrialized products as our resources will allow, and increasing consumption and production of regionally self-reliant, organic products and projects.

• We expand our self-love outward to our communities, and outward further still to stewardship of the land and all of its inhabitants, as we understand the land and its ecology to be our community, our relatives.

• This ever-evolving manifesto forms the basis of an ongoing project called Radical Nourishment, which seeks to redefine care labor as the center of an ecofeminist, earth-centric lifeway.

Note: The manifesto was also read by Chloé as part of a panel discussion (alongside Felicia Young, Anna Fitzgerald, and Stewart Losee, moderated by Eli Epstein-Deutsch), seen below, on "Art, Activism and Ecology," at Sense: Dimensions of Radical Ecology," a day of ecoperformance, lectures, workshops, and installations curated and organized by Eli Epstein-Deutsch at La Plaza Cultural, during the 5th annual LUNGS Loisaida United Neighborhood Gardens Festival, a large-scale civic event activating all of the community gardens throughout the Lower East Side.

Chloé Rossetti