Mothership (NSFW)

The entity I spoke with at the Templo de Guaracy yesterday, through a medium, asked me if I was connected with any entities, especially my own. Does he know about the dream? The first time my entity contacts me, and I write it down, I should write it on a piece of paper, fold it, and put it under a white candle for Oxala. Then I should place a bowl of water in front of the candle, and meditate.

I've had two visitations so far.

The first time, back in July, upon the advice given to me at the Temple by an entity called Seven Arrows, I got a green candle (16" beeswax), put it in front of a bowl of water, and lit it for Oxossi.  I lit it, and I meditated, and I fell asleep next to the candle, and when I woke up the candle was completely burned down. A night or two later I had a dream that I was Oxossi, hunting in the forest. Then I had a dream that I was in a race through a forest and an open field to get my green card. Only Australians could enter, and in order to enter you had to cut off two toes. There was a smarmy middle-aged man in a suit who was a ringleader and also the one who called the race. I felt tempted to enter, and also realized that it was madness to cut off two toes to enter a race. Not only was it an unfair sacrifice, but also it was really difficult to run with maimed feet!

There was another middle-aged man next to me. He was larger, and rough around the edges. I asked him if he would enter. He said yes. I asked him which toes he might want to cut off. He said "I dunno, I could go without these two pinkies right 'ere," pointing to his pinky toes. Then the ringleader offered to sacrifice two of his own toes so that somebody could enter. I remember yelling, "It's a trap! This is madness!" Then I woke

The second visitation, last Thursday, I was in bed with my lover. I had been stimulating both her and myself, one hand on each of us, my mouth on her right nipple, my own right nipple twisting between her fingers, until we both climaxed. I was lying next to her, my face contorting pleasure as I squirted all over her bed. She took a moment to reflect to me how hot that was for her, hearing how wet I was between my fingers, watching me take pleasure in pleasing her. I kissed her languidly as we both rubbed our own nectar into our bodies.

Then I sat up.

"I need to tell you something."


I moved further down the bed, to where my wet patch was located. "Sometimes, when I smell my own nectar, it's like a portal to the mothership." I knew how this sounded, and I also knew that she'd get it. "I get visions of forests and trees and oceans."

"Sounds amazing," she said, wearing her usual half-amused, half-excited face.

"Do you mind...?"

"Do what you need to do."

I rubbed my face in my nectar and breathed in bodily. Immediately I was transported. I started narrating what I was seeing to my lover.

"I'm in a dark forest at night. There are fireflies, and I can smell damp earth," I said, transfixed.

"That's beautiful."

I lost my words as the vision became stranger. Hovering in the air above and before me was the bright green silhouette of a female entity. It was almost the silhouette of the Virgin Mary, in firefly colors.

Then I was beneath her, again, and I was in my ideal gender hybrid form: Toned shoulders, long hair, a strong core, grounded feet. Shirtless. Unclear if I had breasts or not but if I did they were put away. I was a hunter, again, hunting through the forest. At first I thought I was Oxossi, and then I realized that I was Seven Arrows. I asked if I was supposed to become a literal hunter in this life, if I was supposed to learn how to kill animals to bring my eating of them full circle. I felt some resonance around that, but there was something deeper at play. Seven Arrows, after all, is about hunting for light and enlightenment.

Then I felt an energy behind my left shoulder, cloaked in literal and figurative shadow.

My entity. The one that Seven Arrows, via the medium, had named as Native American, and connected to the earth and biodiversity, much like myself. Then the floating green presence said, "Your entity wants to speak with you."

I came out of the vision sharply. My lover was smiling at me.

"Let me know if you need to write anything down," she said. Three days later, an entity at the temple would tell me to do just that.

Chloé Rossetti