Nourishment Coaching

Coaching to help reorient your life and lifeway toward regeneration, regrowth, grounding, nurturing, and reciprocity, in part by plugging back into your local ecosystem. Individuals and groups; short and longterm; in-person and long-distance available.



Permaculture Design

Using permaculture principles and ethics to design or redesign your site, business, home or creative project with ecological consciousness, so that your impact in the world regenerates the earth. Site visits, analysis and assessments, site designs, and consultations available in any combination, in-person or long-distance.


Doula Services

Doula support for full-spectrum pregnancy, end-of-life, major surgeries, gender transition, or any major life event or change. NYC-area only for in-person doula services; long-distance support also available in a modified format.



Conflict Transformation

Combining Compassionate Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) with various embodiment practices to help meet needs, make requests, and access the growth and transformation at the seed of conflict between you and those affecting you. In-person and long-distance available.



Energy Healing

Putting you in the driver’s seat of your own regeneration and regrowth. One-on-one or group sessions of co-created meditation journeys with energy release with the goal of coming into alignment with unconditional love. In-person or long-distance available.



Radical Intimacy

Working with sacred sensual energy in individuals, couples, thruples, or groups to center erotic energy in our lives as a vehicle of change and integration with our surroundings. Various pleasure packages available, in-person or long-distance.