Nourishment Coaching
A Six-Week Group Series

Location: Residencia, Brooklyn, NY
Dates: 5/23/17, 5/30, 6/6, 6/13, 6/20, 6/27, 7-9:30pm.

About the Course:
Nourishment Coaching is a ground-up approach to bringing our lives, and the lives of our community, into alignment with our surrounding ecosystem, with peace, love and gratitude. This sequence follow the zone systems of permaculture help participants to make choices that decolonize your lifeway, and the lifeway/s of their interlocking communities. Beginning with our self-connection, we move outward to our inputs, physical environment, nonhuman relationships, human relationships, and the unknown. Our sessions incorporate guided meditation, circling, embodiment and somatic practices, drawing and writing, lecturing, homework, and group process, tracing the path of a custom curriculum based on the years of experience and knowledge accumulated by our staff. 
Logistical Info:
This six-week course takes participants through the Nourishment Coaching content as a 10-12 person group. 

Group cohesion and consistency is part of the Nourishment Coaching process. Therefore, participants must be able to attend at least five out of six of the sessions in order to sign up, and priority will be given to participants who can attend all six sessions. This class is offered at no financial cost in exchange for written feedback.

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