Sensual Coaching is a ground-up approach to bringing our lives and the lives of our community into alignment with our surrounding ecosystem, with peace, love and gratitude. This sequence follow the zone systems of permaculture help participants to make sensually-integrated choices. Beginning with our self-connection, we move outward to our inputs, physical environment, nonhuman relationships, human relationships, and the unknown.

Our sessions incorporate guided meditation, circling, embodiment and somatic practices, drawing and writing, lecturing, homework, and group process, tracing the path of a custom curriculum based on the years of experience and knowledge accumulated by our staff.

Our approach is intersectional, integrative, and accessible, emphasizing the permaculture principles of slow and gradual change, redistributing resources to the margins, stacking functions, and working at our edges. We nurture a culture that intuitively and inherently spreads wealth and abundance more evenly and reciprocally across boundaries, counterbalancing the waning overculture of hoarding and oppression.

All of our work is offered at a needs-based sliding scale. Please contact us for more information.