We are of the profound, heartfelt belief that intimacy is a human right, and that sensuality is its worldly manifestation. Unfortunately, we currently live in a world that reinforces separation, nonsensual expression, and nontactile experience (think screen addiction, the urban hardscape, neighborhoods of estranged denizens), over public and interpersonal sensual and sexual expression, with inviting, consensual touch. Surviving in the oppressive, nonconsensual overculture that surrounds us, verbal and nonverbal consent and boundaries are often learned at an expensive price, and even then haphazardly and without structured ahimsa/nonviolent consciousness. Pelvises become inflamed and sympathetic nervous symptoms are in overdrive. We sometimes become unable to demonstrate our physical affection even to those of us whom we love the most.

Enter Sensual Integration Workshops, a practice of creating a container for a group to enter sensual space, to facilitate the healing of past trauma, release blockages, increase joy and pleasure in the cells, and to make way for integration of history, stimuli, presence, and spirit in the corporeal form. Workshops can look like facilitated bodywork, movement, somatic experience, touch, no-touch . . . participants are always at choice in our container of enthusiastic consent, and language is given to speak feelings, needs, thresholds and boundaries as the workshop progresses.

All of our work is offered at a needs-based sliding scale. If you feel that this kind of work might be helpful for your community, please contact us at your pleasure!

*Please note: Chloé will offer "Activate the Pleasure Body" this fall. Please visit our classes page for more information.